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After what has been a hugely disruptive couple of years it gives me great pleasure to offer a very warm welcome to Norwich RFC. Whether you’re a player, a supporter, a sponsor, a Club employee or just an occa ... More
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Tour Information: Norwich Rugby club tour. 2017

Men of Norwich. WE WILL BE RUNNING A TOUR THIS SEASON!!! As a club we have made this a real challenge over the last couple of years so please get behind it and get yourselves signed up! We are giving you 10 months to save, get permission and man up so please make every effort.

At this point the details are vague but we want to get the wheels in motion.

When: 1st June - 3rd June (half term for teachers).

Where: Not set in stone but probably Western Super Mare.

How much: £250 (max this will depend on numbers but it will go ahead!! if we get good numbers this will allow a large kitty and food to be paid for.) £250 over 10months = £25 a month.

Deposit: £50 to be paid by the end of September to myself, Selby or Neil Dunleavy (if this is an issue or you want to pay a smaller deposit because of financial situation have a word and we will work round you)

You can pay in part or full and what ever rate you like just get it paid.

Any questions please ask.

More information to follow.


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