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After what has been a hugely disruptive couple of years it gives me great pleasure to offer a very warm welcome to Norwich RFC. Whether you’re a player, a supporter, a sponsor, a Club employee or just an occa ... More
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Match Report

Norwich 15 Amersham & Chiltern 28


Norwich 15 Amersham & Chiltern 28

Norwich’s final game of the season ended in defeat but they put in a far better performance than of late, which is what the coaches were looking for. It charted a big improvement from the away game at Amersham and Chiltern at the start of the season though they will rue some missed opportunities and a high penalty count.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-1.jpg

Norwich weathered an early onslaught from Amersham but scored first on 12 minutes with some good work by the backs down the left wing when Ollie Emanuel kicked ahead and Ben Scully beat the retreating cover to the ball,  diving on the ball 15 metres in. The kick was missed in the strong crosswind.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-7.jpg

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-8.jpg

On 16 minutes Norwich were reduced to 14 men when Vivek Valmiki was carded for numerous Norwich penalties in short succession. Amersham scored on 25 minutes from a catch and drive lineout in the corner when they broke off from the back down the blind side to score. The conversion went over.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-9.jpg

Norwich scored again on 35 minutes when Theo Elliott took a quick tap penalty on 5 metres and passed to Sam Lockwood on the wing who barrelled over in the corner. The kick was missed.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-12.jpg

Amersham hit back before the break when their 9 managed to find a hole in the Norwich defence and offloaded to score. The conversion went over and the score stayed at 10-14 at the break.

Norwich spent much of the second half defending and they did so very well but on 55 minutes Amersham finally breached the defence with a quick tap penalty on 5 metres to go over, which was converted.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-16.jpg

The amount of tackling Norwich were doing looked like it was starting to take its toll as several players looked tired and fell off tackles to allow Amersham to score again and convert.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-23.jpg

The spirit in the side never flagged, however, and they fought their way back into Amerhsam’s 22. From a 5 metre scrum, which disintegrated like so many others under Norwich’s dominant scrum, George King picked up the loose ball to go over. The conversion was missed.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-30.jpg

Despite a late surge of energy from Norwich, Amersham’s defence held firm to prevent them narrowing the score.

Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-24.jpg

 Norwich v Amersham & Chiltern-20.jpg

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