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Match Report

UEA 19 Lions 78


UEA 19 Lions 78

The Lions paid a visit to Colney Lane with perhaps one of the strongest line ups of their season, very much with a victory in mind. After a string of narrow defeats and a frustrating draw last week, the Twos were determined that this was the week their hard work would pay off.

Warming up, the lads were quiet and seemed to lack the intensity needed to achieve their win, but from kick off there was a clear surge of energy and from moment one the Lions looked ferocious.

Early carries from big hitters G.King, H.Francis and T.McConnell saw the visitors gain ground by the truckload, putting Norwich on the front foot where a fantastic nine-ten pairing in R.Hickford and L.Kendalmintcake respectively, delivered the ball to a prolific back line who quite frankly, cut the defence to pieces on multiple occasions.

The UEA scramble was a decent one and forced Norwich to work hard through several phases but ultimately the pressure was too much and an energetic T.McConnell crossed the whitewash after just six minutes. The Kicker, composed and handsome, nudged the extras. 0-7.

Using the momentum well, Norwich scored again only five minutes later, with the hands of the back line linking up well to put C.Horide in under the posts. The Kicker, having barely finished admiring his last effort, stepped up and slotted the conversion. 0-14.

A lapse in concentration at the restart saw UEA reply with a swift try. A penalty after the catch gave the home side an easy nudge to touch to gain ground. Instead they opted for the sneaky, smart move of kicking open, much to the dismay of a lethargic Norwich fullback… The kick was well chased and scored neatly with two points on top. 7-14.

Scores kept coming thick and fast with the rampaging G.King handing carrying well, handing off men, women and small children on his way to the try line. The Kicker grimaced at the slightly naff angle his try-scorer had given him, but duly converted. 7-21.

The Lions machine was working well, with the pack showing strength at every breakdown, setting a fantastic platform and the backs capitalising on the hard work with smart handling and well-executed moves.  This bore fruit once again as fullback MCW took a pass at the end of a great backs move, threw a revolting dummy to send two defenders off into the sunset, pulled out an outrageous goosey and then got tackled just shy of the line. Thankfully go-go-gadget arms reached the ball over the whitewash for a score. Easy enough work for the Kicker, 7-28.

H.Francis was next on the score sheet after running in support of J.Wheater (Hairline of the Year 1997) who attacked the line well, drew in defenders and released a frankly ludicrous out-the-back-over-the-head offload the analysts are still struggling to define today. The ball fell sweetly into the hands of Francis who crashed over in the corner. The Kicker, quietly seething at the difficult angle, put a hoof through it and to the delight and surprise of all in attendance, added two points. 7-35.

UEA came back with a great response and managed to break the Norwich line a few times in succession and whilst the visitors defence was almost watertight, seven points leaked through with home fly half touching down under the posts. 14-35.

Next up, human-bulldozer J.O’Rourke, after some forward-led carrying, picked from the base of a ruck and parted the wall of defenders like Moses with the Red Sea. Hard to miss from in front of the posts, The Kicker nailed the additional, 14-42.

Unrelenting, Norwich gathered nicely from the restart and attacked again. Grateful to be provided such clean ball from the forwards, the backs found their way into the Home twenty-two once more, executed a sensational string of passes and saw C.Horide into the corner just three minutes after the previous score, The Kicker let his team down, his family down and worst of all, let him self down with a miss, 14-47.

With just a few moments left of the half, Norwich wanted another and set about their attack with an energy and aggression that had been lacking all season. J.Wheater, continuing to influence the game with his potent attack, made short work of several defenders before being felled on the five metre. Thankfully MCW was on hand to receive a neat little pop from the ground and outpace a final would-be-tackler to score his second of the game. The Kicker missed his second in a row and was subsequently fired during the half time chat. 14-52.

The second half was a much tougher affair for the visitors. UEA rallied well and began to tighten up their defence in a big way alongside upping their intensity going forward. Norwich had to field several dangerous attacks and the home side were unlucky not to make it through.

A return to regular service came from the powerful G.King who crossed for his second of the game after a meaty run, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake as he slipped under the posts. He converted his own, 14-59.
A trio of tries came in through the last quarter of the game with the powerful H.Francis, the impetuous J.Mynhardt and the ever-present workhorse G.King all crossing the whitewash. King stepped up to convert all three and achieved 66% success. Final score; 19-78.

An emphatic win for the Lions and a powerful display from all in a Norwich shirt. Hard to pick standout performers and it’s more than just the try scorers who earn the credit as some of the assist play across the pitch was sensational. With the pleasant novelty of so many tries for our boys in tricolour, enjoy the timed recounting of all scores:

13:55 KO
14:01 TRY! Tom McConnel, CON: MCW 0-7
14:06 TRY! Cameron Horide, CON: MCW 0-14
14:08 TRY! UEA Kid with great footwork. CON: His kicker 7-14
14:12 TRY! George King, CON: MCW 7-21
14:21 TRY! MCW, CON: MCW 7-28
14:24 TRY! Hayden Francis, CON: MCW 7-35
14:27 TRY! UEA, CON Scored… 14-35
14:30 TRY! Joe O’Rourke, CON: MCW 14-42
14:33 TRY! Cameron Horide, CON: Missed. 14-47
14:37 TRY! MCW, CON: Missed. 14-52
14:42 2nd Half KO
14:57 TRY! George King, CON: G.King 14-59
15:03 TRY! Hayden Francis, CON: Missed. 14-64
15:14 TRY! Joe Mynhardt, CON: G.King 14-71
15:17 TRY! George King, CON: G.King 14-78
15:21 TRY! UEA, CON: Missed. 19-78 Final Score.

MOM: MCW for his singular reasonable performance for the 21/22 season and some handsome nudges.
DOD: Sam Furness for bailing on the 2nd Team just for a photo opportunity.

Report, MCW

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