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Match Report

Match Reports 12th December


Match Reports 12th December

There are three reports from the day, input as we receive them and photos once resized.

Under 13 Report

U13s at the Colchester Festival - 12th December 2021

What do you call a collective of Wildcats? I'm not sure, but we'll come back to that...


On the 12th December we took a coach to Colchester to play a mini festival against Colchester, Dagenham, Eton Manor and Welwyn. We were a little lower on numbers than usual as a result of a late injury and a couple of late withdrawals but what we lacked in numbers, we made up for in heart, determination and grit. Our 10 wildcats in attendance were superb all day long and were the epitome of our TREDS values.


We started with a game against Dagenham who were kind enough to lend us a couple of players so that we could have a 12-a-side game. It was a tough game against a well drilled Dagenham team but with some excellent counter rucking and quick movement of the ball the Wildcats came away with a slim win, 2-1.



Here is M, rucking against 2 Dagenham players, clearing the way for T to win the ball. This determined play allowed the ball to be moved quickly to A to score the 1st try of the day. Also pictured L carrying into contact.


The second game was a very challenging fixture against a Welwyn team who had just had a rest, and it showed with a strong start against our fatigued players. The game was a steep learning curve and possibly the hardest team we have come against so far. The strong Welwyn team won 4-0 but there were still plenty of positives, the
best one being M, possibly the smallest player to grace the pitch from any of the teams on the day, lining up a tackle against the Welwyn star winger. The picture does not do the size difference any justice but M stuck to her task, made what looked an impossible tackle and stopped a certain try as she was the last defender. Think "Lomu vs Underwood", only this time Underwood makes the tackle stick and Lomu is denied...


 Third game was against Eton Manor. Having just been heavily beaten it was a super effort to re group, get back to basics, remind ourselves of the type of rugby we usually play which had enabled some convincing wins so far this year. We had met Eton Manor once before in a 7s tournament and on that day the scores were even so we knew it would be tough. Eton though had enough players to switch the entire team at half time. Score was a slim 3-2 defeat, we were getting tired and it showed with a couple of missed tackles that were very non-typical. Toastie led from the front with a couple of tries, and the Eton coach made a point of telling me how impressive the team was and gave special praise to Maya and Toasty.


Here is T scoring one of her tries, note the Eton players on the floor having just been shaken off of the attempted tackle. Also pictured(below) is I lining up another successful tackle, typical of the effort put in all day. Also, T going into contact, freeing her arms to offload to T who was then able to get her 2nd try of the game.



The final game was against Colchester. Colchester were a little light in numbers so Eton leant them a few players (maybe they thought they could get another win?). Following 2 losses in a row the Wildcats team took some extra time to figure out what they could change. The next game was all about running, high tempo and huge pressure. Wildcats pressed the Colchester players at every possible opportunity and it worked a treat as we kept turning the ball over which enabled us to win this game 7-1. Delighted to report that Harry managed to get her first ever Wildcats try - a just reward for a solid afternoons effort.

These pictures include N offloading under immense pressure, H collecting the ball at the back of another great ruck to score her first ever try and B making a typically strong run to score her try in the corner despite the efforts to hold her back.




So in conclusion, a tough day in the office. It would have been easy for heads to drop and for the girls to give in after that 3rd game. Each of them having to play the full games with no subs there was definitely some tiredness on display but the way they got together and regrouped for the final game left me with the answer to my initial question. The name for a collective of Wildcats is undoubtedly "team"....and what a special team they are.


Players player of the day was Maya, and coaches player of the day was Lizzie. Coaches player was awarded in recognition of Lizzies enthusiasm, eagerness effort and attitude - a great work ethic which will take you a long way in rugby Lizzie.

Match report by Darrell

(For the record, I just googled it and discovered the collective term for a group of Wildcats is actually a "destruction"...I will definitely use that in a future write up!!)


 Under 15 Report

 Norwich u15s vs Peterborough National Cup game

On a unseasonably bright December morning 16 Norwich girls made the long trip over to Peterborough to take on their team. Peterborough are a well established side and have over 80 girls registered and are twice previous quarter finalists so we knew this was not going to be an easy game- plus we were missing two of our regular starters due to injury.

Things started badly even before the whistle went as various administrative muck ups by our hosts (who were lovely and deeply apologetic) meant our venue was switched and our anticipated 90minute warm up and team run through was cut down to a little over 20 minutes. Plus we were informed ten minutes before kick off that they could only play 13 a side not the 15 we had planned for.

These issues aside, from the off it was clear Peterborough were there to play and some lack lustre line speed from Norwich’s defenders saw them gain easy metres despite some good tackles from Inez, Sophie, Freya and Annie. All too often Norwich pushed up in single numbers (notable for her work rate and aggression here was Alyssa) and the support work of the Peterborough players meant that they were able to keep the ball alive or protect it at ruck time.

 However, any breakaway runners were snaffled by fullback Hetty and there was some excellent cover tackles by our entire strong back line - Alicia Mae, Leila and Millie B were prominent. Hence it was not a huge surprise when Peterborough went over in tight under the posts and scored just 9 minutes in.

Strong words were had under the posts led by captain Evie, who was her usual stalwart self, and Norwich attacked the kick off with far better line speed then had been seen thus far and were able to win the ball back and make territory through some strong carries and also Peterborough indiscipline. Sadly the decision making on the pitch was too slow to capitalise on these penalty opportunities through quick taps which would have easily caught the slowly retreating Peterborough napping and so it was graft and hardwork that saw Norwich score through Evie’s powerful runs under the posts 15minutes in with Leila stepping up and getting the conversion.
This seesawing set the pattern for most of the rest of the game with Norwich responding well each time Peterborough got a try with one of their own but too often in defence the wrong decisions were made with people needlessly going into lost rucks that then left us exposed out wide.

Similarly in attack we made excellent metres on the wing with new recruit Alicia-Mae impressing everyone with a hat trick of tries and linking up superbly with her centre partner Leila. Alas though the ball found its way to the wings all too infrequently as players instead opted to run in to contact directly at a strong Peterborough pack where we lost possession or simple handling errors caused us to knock on.

Credit must obviously go to Peterborough’s more experienced pack who drove our girls back in scrum after scrum (of 23 contested scrums we only won 2; thanks to our statistician Jeff for that insight) which made it very difficult for us to build any sustained pressure and gave them great attacking opportunities.

Ultimately the game finished much in the same way it had been played with Norwich in the ascendancy and just 2 points adrift with 2minutes to go and all to play for. But the same patterns of play repeated themselves with a couple of late handling errors and poor decision making meaning players ran straight into trouble instead of playing into space resulting in another Peterborough turnover who wisely then kicked the ball in to touch to end the game.

Norwich will learn a lot from this defeat and I know it hurt the girls to work so hard and lose by just 2 points but that is sport and that is rugby. We have a lot of work ons to take away and once again our girls won the respect of the opposition through their graft, team spirit and TREDS. Overall there were a huge number of positives to take away from this game and the girls can definitely be proud of the effort and performance they put in for 60minutes against a very respectable opposition. As for the mistakes - well they’re on the coaching staff far more then they are the girls who were amazing but its up to all of us to put them right.

Photos on our Instagram page.

Ps Inez do your physio and get better!

Report by C.Drohan

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