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Boom, we're back!
After what has been a hugely disruptive couple of years it gives me great pleasure to offer a very warm welcome to Norwich RFC. Whether you’re a player, a supporter, a sponsor, a Club employee or just an occa ... More
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Match Report

Norwich 17 Beccles 8


Norwich 17 Beccles 8

Our second league game of the new season started at home with a quiet, fractured warm up and felt rather too lethargic for something preceding a game of structured hooliganism and yet when the whistle blew, the Lions roared into action with an impressive intensity.

There was a clear desire to play from the home side and some meaty carries from the Norwich forwards opened up opportunities for the backs to let loose and do some damage.

Unfortunately the Norwich backs had Teflon fingers and caught approximately three balls in twenty. This allowed the visiting Beccles side to retain a great deal of possession. Coupled with the Norwich indiscipline, Beccles managed to work their way upfield early on to slot a punishing three points.

The next score also went to Beccles who crashed into the Norwich defence over and over again without success for the majority of the first half. A well exploited gap and a slow scramble from Norwich saw the visitors cross the try line despite a huge shift in defence from the home side. Unconverted, the game sat at 0-8 with five left of the half.

Before the break, Captain MCW requested of his pack leader Ben Weaver that he "inject some more aggression into the forwards please Old Boy" as some ground had been lost and the Norwich fire seemed dwindling. The reply was a very civilised "I will if you get the backs to stop knocking on, you fine chap."

Both parties agreed to remedy their shortcomings and soon after, a very sturdy Norwich scrum delivered some clean ball to the backs who strung together more than two passes for the first time. The ball was released to one S. Keeble who left his opposing winger in a cloud of dust and scored in the corner. The kicker nudged a wobbly one that had reasonable legs but slipped off to the left at the last moment. 5-8 at the half.

After the break a determined home side set out with their new-found clinical gameplay, something they had been lacking the whole first 40 and began to turn the momentum in their favour. Where Beccles spent most of the game so far in attack, Norwich now managed to put strike moves together and the hard running of centres R.Herbert-Oakey and S.Flanagan crashed through gaps time and time again.

Still maintaining an impenetrable wall in defence with the likes of K. Muller, H.Francis and M.Booker being notable big-hitters, plus H.Kilpatrick yielding zero ground to a Cheslin Kolbe-wannabe on the wing - Norwich turned defence into attack and broke through once more down the wing with S.Keeble scoring an almost carbon copy of his first in the corner. The Kicker blames the subsequent miss on having suffered a broken toe nail just moments prior. 10-8.

The last fifteen of the match felt very much in the Home sides favour, with much of the possession being theirs and again the defence impregnable. S.Flanagan, after a great deal of graft from the Norwich forwards, capitalised on some loose play and strode manfully through a broken Beccles defence to score beneath the sticks. The Kicker thought he would convert this one, for the sake of variety. 17-8.

A huge shift from all Norwich men, 1-18 with the mistakes from the previous week put right and the first win on the books. Onwards to Southwold next week!

MOM: Kalib Muller for a ferocious display the entire 80 in all areas.

DOD: Rudyard Herbert Oakey for that weird and audacious goal-line drop out that nearly went wrong.

Report by MCW.

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