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After what has been a hugely disruptive couple of years it gives me great pleasure to offer a very warm welcome to Norwich RFC. Whether you’re a player, a supporter, a sponsor, a Club employee or just an occa ... More
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Match Report

Lowestoft & Yarmouth & Southwold Report


Lowestoft & Yarmouth & Southwold Report

This was a warm up game against L&Y / Southwold RFC and an opportunity to put into practice what they have been working on with Stewart Cameron over the last few weeks.

We arrived in glorious sunshine but didn’t quite appreciate how hard their pitch was as we warmed up on a much softer area in the far corner. The boys were at last happy to play a proper game of rugby with full contact and scrums which has been a long time coming!
 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 1.jpg

L&Y and Southwold RFC played firstly in a 35 minute game and from a distance it looked like Southwold comfortably beat them by a large margin. We would then play Southwold and after a short break play L&Y.
 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 2.jpg

We have talked over the last few weeks about starting fast as we are often very slow out of the blocks. Thankfully on Sunday we started very well and controlled possession and territory for the first 15 minutes against a much bigger side and should have scored on 2 occasions. 

 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 3.jpg

While our composure let us down while in the oppositions 22 our willingness to be aggressive and move the ball was good to see and with more match play I suspect some of the opportunities would have been converted into points. Jack Pearson and Aden both came close to scoring. 

 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 5.jpg

Southwold did on the other hand defend extremely well and in this case defence won the day as they kept Norwich out for long periods. After that initial 20 minutes Southwold started to get more ball and with their dominance in the lineout started to get some good ball.

 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 6.jpg

While out defence stood up well eventually it did break in the midfield and they scored the only points on the game. It ended 0-5 but lots of positives to take away.  Our game management in the first 20 minutes was particularly good, our aggression in tackle/contact area and scrum were all big positives and when we compare it to the last time we played Southwold big strides have been made.

Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 7.jpg

After a short break we started against L&Y and unfortunately the first game took it out them! Our intensity wasn’t quite were it was and we let two soft tries in. We battled back in the last 15 and Conor scored a great solo try which was converted by Tom but we left it a bit late and ended 7-12 down.

Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 8.jpg

A couple of great games that were highly contested and a good warm up before we start our run in the colts merit table. A positive start and with some improvement in certain areas they will reverse these results.

David Regester

 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 9.jpg

 Lt & Yth v Nch Colts 10 .jpg




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