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We are a proud amateur club with a 133 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

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Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club. Our new coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the fie ... More

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Match Report

Norwich AXV 20 Dereham 1st XV 41


Norwich AXV 20 Dereham 1st XV 41

In fair Norwich Town where we lay our scene, two teams both alike in passion for rugby came together for a game of Olde Eggball. Played across the course of 80 minutes, one team would aim to carry the ball forward and over the opposing teams try line, whilst the other team made efforts to ensure this aim to not come to fruition.

The hosts drew first blood, as a relentless drive upfield caused Dereham to falter and execute ill-discipline. A penalty was awarded and the Norwich kicker, after much posing struck true and applied three points to the home score line. ‘Pon the restart, Derham sought retribution for the early slight and through a series of strong carries managed to occupy the Norwich centre-of-pitch before playing the ball out wide to score in the corner. Conversion missed 3-5.

Unperturbed, Norwich resumed play and began to set what looked like a potent series of attacks. Sadly however, off the back of a line out, the Norwich Ten tried a clever, flat pass......Directly into the arms of the opposing Inside Centre who charged henceforth through the open space and scored. Conversion made, 3-12.
Despite some excellent play from the AXV, Dereham finished the first half incredibly strong by adding another couple of scores and stopping Norwich from providing any riposte.
Half time score 3-20.

Norwich, refusing to let heads drop, began the second half with aggression aflame and via the inexhaustible bulk of M. Walton, barged their way upfield and over the whitewash for the first time. The rain, tampering with the kicker's boots meant the conversion was missed, 8-20.

Dereham, having somewhat taken offence to this, felt compelled to score an additional three tries, fully intending to put the game to bed. All three conversions made, 8-41.

The hosts however had something to say about such an early bedtime and vowed to fight ad infinitum. The nature of the game began to alter as Norwich strung together some effective phases, to see themselves within ten metres of the Dereham try line.

There followed a cunning manoeuvre executed by MCW who eventually shipped the ball to debutant S. Francis. Francis, showing exemplary robustness, powered through the defensive line before falling a few metres short. MCW having followed the run of play, ran hard into the open space just wide of a downed Francis, who popped a smart offload to allow the Ten an easy run through a broken D. Try scored and with the kickers boots no longer sodden, the extras sailed between the posts, 15-41.

Soon after, another attacking opportunity presented itself for the hosts where through deft passing down the line of backs, S. Rawlings found himself with a clear run to the corner. Missing only by a whisker he was harried into touch at the corner by a speedy cover tackle.

A last attack by Norwich saw a clever pick up from the back of the scrum from Number 8, B.Weaver who went blind and offloaded to scrum half S.Walpole who ran the remaining few metres to score in the corner. B.Weaver even regained his sight in time to watch the conversion, sadly fly wide. 20-41.

The final moments saw Dereham launch a final assault to punctuate the match but Norwich held firm and kept the visitors out until the final whistle. A stronger showing than previous weeks showing the capabilities of the AXV which had been sadly absent in recent weeks.

DOD – Oddly enough, not MCW for the easily intercepted pass, but Ben Weaver for chatting to the ref, which resulted in a penalty reversed, awarded to Dereham and then in turn, to a conceded try. Tut. Tut.

MOM – Sam Walpole for an excellent 18/19 season debut at nine, working both hard and smart throughout, and a delectable try to seal off his game.

Report, MCW.

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