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1730 04/11/21

Matt Selby was discharged from Queens Hospital Romford today to convalesce at home.


Message from Matt Selby's Mum Julie:

On behalf of Matt and the whole family, I would like to express my extreme gratitude for the love and support that we have received since Matt’s injury.
This extends not just to our own club, who have been so supportive of us but the wider rugby community for their good wishes, especially the kindness extended to us by Brentwood Rugby Club whose members were able to provide Matt with morale boosting support at a very difficult time.
A special thank must go to Norwich Physio Sarah Prior who not only attended to Matt at the time, along with Brentwood’s Physio Lianne Kennedy but stayed at the hospital until 1:00am to be there for him. She has also been fantastically helpful in her support for us since the incident.
The final thanks must go to the outstanding medical team at Queens Hospital, who have cared so well for Matt over this past week. We will be forever grateful.



Regarding the injury to Matt Selby which he sustained in the game against Brentwood, the club wish to communicate the following.
In order to avoid any further circulation of rumours, its important to note that the cause of Matts injury remains uncertain. What we do know is that it was not the result of a collapsed scrum or maul and nor, at this stage, is there any evidence to suggest that he had received any significant impact to his head as the result of making or taking a tackle. It's not even clear whether this was a rugby related issue or an unrelated medical issue that just happend to take place on a rugby pitch.
Speculation, particularly when posted on social media, is not only unhelpful but also a source of unnecessary stress for Matt and his family, and we would therefore kindly request that you refrain from engaging in such exchanges.  
The good news is that Matt’s condition is stable, he is in good spirits and doing exactly as he is told by his medical team, who are hopeful that they will be able to discharge Matt before the weekend. Should anything change in that regard, the Club will make it known via this website and social media outlets.


Matt Selby




Steve Henson would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are now 16 tickets left for the England v Wales game on 28th February but only 4 left for England v Ireland on 12th March. 

The application form is on the download page of this website.

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